SIGMAA on Circles


The SIGMAA on Circles is a Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America. The goal of this SIGMAA is to give circles – both math circles for students and teachers’ circles – greater visibility and a permanent presence in the mathematical and educational landscape. This SIGMAA supports MAA members who share an interest in developing, supporting and running math circles and facilitates vertical integration of elementary, middle and high school students and their teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, up through high-level research mathematicians.

The Riverbend Community Math Center has been active in the formation of this new organization. We participated in the SIGMAA on Circles sessions on Math Circles during Math Fest in Portland, Oregon in August 2009 and 2010 and during the Joint Math Meetings in January 2010. Our executive director, Amanda Serenevy, is currently serving as secretary/treasurer of the SIGMAA on Circles.

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