Math Circles

A game to play with a friend: Start with several piles of stones.

a pile of stones a pile of stones a pile of stones

The first player must remove one or more stones (as many as you like) from a single pile. The second player then removes one or more stones from any pile (may be the same or a different pile). Take turns removing stones until all stones have been removed. The person who takes the last stone wins!

What is the winning strategy?

Math Circles are for students with long attention spans who enjoy engaging in mathematical conversation. Students will learn to collaborate with others while developing and defending their mathematical ideas. Our pedagogy is based on the approach used in the Boston Math Circle program.

During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Riverbend Community Math Center is leading one Math Circles.

Fermi Math Circle

If you are interested in joining a Math Circle, please contact the Riverbend Community Math Center.

Riverbend Community Math Center
(574) 339-9111
This work placed into the public domain by the Riverbend Community Math Center.