Bob Sutton — Director

Bob Sutton is a career engineer with 20 years of experience. He holds Licensed Professional Engineer credentials in the state of Michigan and is the local chapter secretary of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He graduated Cum Laude from North Carolina State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

Bob is currently a specialist in additive manufacturing and general manufacturing process selection at Springboard Engineering. In addition to this role, he heads up project teams and supplies hands-on engineering expertise to clients. His roles include guiding clients through technical jams to innovation; providing engineering support and consultation for clients; finding vendors who can offer value-added options; and offering process design and improvement based on his manufacturing expertise.

During his corporate career, Bob has successfully led product management teams in the automotive, fire fighting, and military equipment industries. He worked for the Robert Bosch Corporation in a number of engineering positions for various products including: brake vacuum booster design, gasoline fuel rail design, and gasoline fuel injectors. He continues to work with Bosch in a consultation role. He headed up the nozzle design division for industry leading fire equipment manufacturer Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. Early in his career Bob managed projects in welded armor components and provided testing for nuclear submarine power plants.

Bob Sutton, has been interested in math and science outreach for many years. He became involved with Riverbend Community Math Center when he hosted a group of students during a visit his facility in Innovation Park. He also produced 3-D printed parts for a precision measurement module developed by RCMC.

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