Math Activities

Alien Math Aliens using different number systems need help with their math homework

Back to Back Game This simple game allows young students to practice positional and geometric vocabulary authentically

Candy Sharing Game Play the candy sharing game and explore the outcomes corresponding to different initial distributions of candy

Catz, Ratz, and Batz Play a dice game and analyze winning strategies

Demystifying Division Cookies and money! But don't forget to share...

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Be a math detective! Examine patterns, figure out the secret and learn about functions and linear relationships.

Fermi Questions Find solutions to seemingly inaccessible problems by estimating and using knowledge gained from everyday experiences

Grid Grab Game A two-player game that teaches students to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents

Math Trails Learn to see the math in the world around you as you solve problems corresponding to places in your own community

Nim Games Find a strategy to win these two-player games

Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting Challenges Complete several plumbing challenges involving plastic PVC pipes

Sonobe Origami Polyhedra Fold parallelogram modules that fit together to make many different shapes

The Doorbell Rang Students explore fractional representations for a set of cookies

XY-Plotter Program a CNC machine to draw a picture using GCode

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