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Grid Grab Game – Activity Directions


A game for two players or two teams that teaches students to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents.



How to Play:

  1. A player or team will spin each spinner, shade the grids, record the numbers, and then find the sum. The sum recorded should match the amount of the grid shaded!
  2. The opposing player or team will watch for accuracy and then take a turn.
  3. In the second round, the two new spins are shaded onto the grids with a new color. Then the values are recorded and added to the previous sum for a new total. Again, the new total should match the shaded area of the grids. For example, if the sum in round one is 65% (or 0.65), and a player spins 1/2 and 5%, the new sum would be 120% (or 1.20), which is one whole grid and 20 small squares on the second grid. Also, 65 small squares should be shaded with one color, and 55 small squares shaded with a second color.
  4. Play continues for 5 rounds.
  5. The winner is the player or team who grabs the greatest amount of the three grids. Each grid represents 100% (or 1.00). The goal is 300% (or 3.00).
  6. NOTE: If a sum goes over one whole, a player or team must put the leftovers on another grid and begin to fill it. BUT, a team is not allowed to exceed 300%. For example, if a team has 260% and spins a total of 1/2, they must lose a turn because the total sum would be greater than 300%.
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This work placed into the public domain by the Riverbend Community Math Center.