Math Studio

This summer, Riverbend Community Math Center is offering math help and technology enrichment each Monday. From 4pm to 5pm, students work on their learning goals in areas such as number sense and pattern finding. From 5pm to 6pm students learn computer programming, build robots, and use motion detectors. The program is free and open to students who will be third grade or higher in the fall. To enroll, please email or call 574-222-1515.

In case of severe weather or other emergency, closing notices will be posted on WNDU, WSBT, and our website.

Students will need to complete the Emergency and Registration forms below to join Math Studio.

Registration:Registration FormFormulario de Registro
Emergency:Emergency FormFormulario de Emergencias
Printable Flier:Studio Flier Studio Folleto
For more information contact us
Email:hello at sitename
Telephone:(574) 222-1515
Summer 2017 Math Studio Dates
Chocolate Cafe in downtown South Bend at 122 S Michigan St.
Monday Dates
  Jun 5   4 to 6 pm  
  Jun 12   4 to 6 pm  
  Jun 19   4 to 6 pm  
  Jun 26   4 to 6 pm  
  Jul 3   4 to 6 pm  
  Jul 10   4 to 6 pm  
  Jul 17   4 to 6 pm  
  Jul 24   4 to 6 pm  
  Jul 31   4 to 6 pm  
  Aug 7   4 to 6 pm  
  Aug 14   4 to 6 pm  
Riverbend Community Math Center
(574) 339-9111
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