The Math Circle was founded in 1994 by Bob and Ellen Kaplan as a program of courses for students who want to explore exciting math topics outside the usual school curriculum. Math Circles introduce students to exciting new ideas, foster collegial mathematical conversation, and expose students to the culture of mathematics.

Our executive director, Dr. Amanda Serenevy, taught classes in the Boston Math Circle as a graduate student. During July of 2008, 2009, and 2010 the Boston Math Circle, the Northern Indiana Science Math and Engineering Collaborative, and the Riverbend Community Math Center jointly offered week-long Math Circle Training Institutes at Notre Dame University for teachers and mathematicians from around the United States (as well as a few from other countries). Each year, 30 participating teachers and mathematicians work with children from our Math and Technology Academy and other programs for an hour each day to try their hand at leading Math Circles. Many of the adult participants have started their own math enrichment programs after returning home. Another Math Circle Training Institute will be held at Notre Dame during July of 2011.

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