Indiana Plan


The Indiana Plan is an organization that helps people from non-traditional backgrounds to find employment in the construction trades. They organize pre-apprenticeship classes that helped people with strong work ethics to gain entrance to apprenticeship programs. One of the major barriers to apprenticeship in construction trades is lack of basic math and problem solving skills. The pre-apprenticeship training program therefore includes many hours dedicated to strengthening basic math skills in preparation for tests required by the trades.

During 2006 and 2007, the Riverbend Community Math Center helped the South Bend office of the Indiana Plan (which has since been closed) by tutoring several classes of pre-apprenticeship students.

Members of the Indiana Plan also assisted the Riverbend Community Math Center with our outreach programs. Their assistance included providing specific information about how mathematics is used in various careers and helping us to establish contacts with the local business community.

The Indiana Plan website gives more information about their mission and programs. Two related programs coordinated by the Indiana Plan and Work One include Major Moves and Major Opportunities.

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