Navajo Nation Math Circles


Navajo Nation Math Circles offers after-school enrichment programs, summer camps, festivals, and workshops for students and teachers of the Navajo Nation. Their goal is to share fun and rewarding mathematics with everyone. NNMC partners with over 40 mathematicians across the United States to develop amazing mathematics and amazing mathematicians.

In 2019, we worked with other organizers of the Navajo Nation Math Circles project to write, edit, and publish the 24th volume in the AMS Math Circles Library entitled Inspiring Mathematics: Lessons from the Navajo Nation Math Circles.

Riverbend Community Math Center has been a partner of the Navajo Nation Math Circles since Spring 2011. Since that time, staff members from our organization have typically spent two weeks per year leading sessions in schools, leading professional development workshops for teachers, and helping with summer math camps for 6th through 12th grade students. We have also mentored Navajo teachers during the year as they lead Math Circles at their schools. Seven teachers from Navajo Nation participated in Math Circle Institutes which we co-organized at Notre Dame.

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