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Back to Back Game



In this game, two students sit back to back. One student creates a picture or design using pattern blocks or other sets of shapes. The student then describes the design to the other student who tries to build an exact copy. This activity allows young students to use geometric vocabulary authentically, and to practice communicating with others.


Preparation Time

less than 5 minutes

Activity Time

10 to 15 minutes.






Kendrail Alfred

National Common Core Standards

K.Focus.2 Describe shapes and space
K.G.1 Describe objects in the environment using shape and positional vocabulary words.
K.G.3 Identify shapes as two-dimensional / flat or three-dimensional / solid.
K.MD.1 Describe several different measurable attributes of a single object (length, weight, capacity, temperature).
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This work placed into the public domain by the Riverbend Community Math Center.