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Math Trails



Teachers and students from around the country have created Math Trails or Math Paths in their schools and communities. Here are a few that you can follow relating to places in north-central Indiana.


Preparation Time

5 minutes

Activity Time

45 to 60 minutes to walk the trail and solve some of the questions, 15 to 30 additional minutes to discuss solutions and compare results.





Many thanks to Kathleen Caine for introducing Math Trails to our community. She created the questions and brochure for the Downtown South Bend Math Trail.

Andrea Vollrath created the science questions for the Rickey Trail, and Amanda Serenevy created the math questions. Laura Moran Walton and the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County obtained the photos and created the brochure for the Rickey Trail.

Nancy Watreas created the math questions for the Egg Stravaganza Trail. Michele Kastner of Down Town South Bend, Incorporated (DTSB) created the brochure and organized the event.


Kathleen Caine, Michele Kastner, Amanda Katharine Serenevy, Andrea Vollrath, Laura Moran Walton, Nancy Watreas

National Common Core Standards

2.OA.3 Determine whether a group of objects has an odd or even number of members, and express even numbers as the sum of equal numbers.
3.G.2 Partition shapes into parts with equal areas. Express the area of each part as a unit fraction of the whole.
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This work placed into the public domain by the Riverbend Community Math Center.